Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About Carrie's Art:
Wissler-Thomas was known as a painter of portraits and the human figure for the early part of her career, and as a part of Li Hidley's "Painting from the Model" class at the Art Association in the 1980's, she painted large canvases with Expressionist figures…her "Earth Mothers" and "Earth Fathers." An earlier series were her "Fashion" paintings, women with flowing drapery and intense colours. Since moving into Uptown Harrisburg in 1991, the artist has found the nearby Susquehanna River an inspiration, and since 1996, when she and her husband first travelled to Scotland, she has increasingly concentrated on capturing the wild Scottish landscape.

What ties all Wissler-Thomas's work together is the lyricism apparent in the figures, the portraits, the River scenes, and the Scottish landscapes. Indeed, her recent landscapes resemble abstract figures in the undulating curves of hills and burns. At Hood College, Wissler-Thomas researched her Honours Thesis on "Lyricism in Minoan Art," and the joie de vivre of that civilization continues to imbue all her work.

The collection on view on this website reflects paintings from the various series and subjects that Carrie Wissler-Thomas has created during the past years, and continues to create currently. If you have any questions or comments or would like to purchase a painting, please contact Carrie at carrie@artassocofhbg.com.

New Paintings:

"Walnut St. Bridge from Third Floor Window" Acrylic Plein Air Painting on Canvas Board, $200 SOLD

"Susquehanna Dusk" Oil on Panel SOLD

"Moon over the Susquehanna" Oil on Panel $350 SOLD

"Susquehanna at Millersburg" Oil on Paper $650

"McCormick Island" Oil on Canvas $650

"The Chantry, Ravenstonedale" Oil on Canvas, 15x25" SOLD

"Loch Fyne, Lowering Sky"Oil on Canvas 15.5x37" $550.00

"Islay Procession II" Oil on Canvas 15.5x37" $550.00 SOLD

"The Strand, Colonsay" Oil on Canvas 33x20.5" SOLD

"Ferry to Islay" Oil on Panel 15x25" $450.00 SOLD

Scotland Series:

1. "Loch Shiel" Oil on Canvas, 26x48, Framed, $500

2. "Clouds over Loch Linhe" Oil on Canvas, 26x37, Framed, $500

3. "Coll Beach" Oil on Panel, 16x20, Framed, $350

4. "Colonsay Burn #3" Oil on Panel, 23x30, Framed, $350

5. "Saint Ninian's Isle, Orkneys" Oil on Canvas, 18x24, Framed, $500 SOLD

6."Dusk on Loch Indall" Oil on Canvas, 11x25, framed, $550

7. "Loch Fyne" Oil on Canvas, 11x22, Framed, $350

8. "Jura Vista" Oil on Canvas, 20.5x17.5, Framed, $450

9. "Loch Indall Morning" Oil on Panel, 11x21, Framed, $250

10."Bridge Across the Atlantic" Oil on Panel, 11x21, Framed, $350 SOLD

11. "Jura Looking Toward Islay" Oil on Panel, 11.5x21, Framed, SOLD

12. "Port Ellen Lighthouse, Islay" Oil on Panel, 13.5x21, Framed, SOLD

13. "Hermitage Castle, Scotland" Oil on Panel, 25.5x21.5, Framed, $350

14."Islay Rainbow" Oil on Panel, 22x25.5, Framed, $450

15. "Jura Farm #3" Oil on Paper under glass, 20.5x24.5, Framed, SOLD

16. "Machrie Moor" Oil on Panel, 16x20, Framed SOLD

17. "Road to Craiglache" Oil on Canvas, 28x34, Framed, $650

18. "Loch Leven"Oil on Canvas, 27x39, Framed, $650


19. "Ribbons of Sunset" Oil on Panel, 23.5x29, Framed, SOLD

20."Susquehanna Dusk" Oil on Canvas, 41x50, Framed, $800

21. "McCormick Island #1" Oil on Canvas, 40x50, Framed, #1200

22. "Susquehanna Island" Oil on Canvas, 36x46, Framed, $800

Portraits and Expressionistic Figures:

23. "Lady of the Sphere" Oil on Canvas, 36x36, $750

24. "Little Scottie" Oil on Canvas, 28x36, $500

25. "Portrait of a Woman" Oil on Panel, 22x26, Framed, $450

26. "Self Portrait with Amber Necklace" Oil on Panel, NFS

27. "Celtic Priestess" Oil on Canvas, 24x27, Framed, $450

28. "Flora MacDonald" Oil on Panel, 21x25, Framed, $450

29. "Young Mary Stewart" Oil on Panel, 18x24, Framed $350

30. "Shadows" Oil on Canvas, 34x37, Framed, $700

31. "Lady of Shalotte, After Rossetti" Oil on Canvas, 33x40, Framed, $800

32. "The Iconographer" Oil on Canvas, 24x36, Framed, $750

33. "A
bysinnian Woman" Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $250

34. "Mauve Glove" Oil on Canvas, 25.5x31, Framed, $350

35. "Lady in a Black Hat" Oil on Canvas, 32x40, Framed, $750

36. "The Disenfranchised" Oil on Canvas, 30x40, Framed $550

37. "Blue Veil" Oil on Panel, 33x36, Framed, $600

38. "Mata Hari" Oil on Canvas, 24x36, Framed, $350

39. "Aida" Oil on Canvas, 21.5x34, Framed, $500

40. "Charles" Oil on Canvas, 32x42, Framed SOLD

41. "Josephine Baker" Oil on Panel, 21x21, Framed, $450

42. "Whistler Pastiche" Oil on Panel 23.5x15.5, Framed, $500

43. "Shawn" Oil on Panel 18x18, Framed, $250

44. "Tuscan Lady" Oil on Canvas 18x22, Framed, $250

45. "Blue Nude" Oil on Canvas 33x38, Framed, $600

46. "Fallen Figures" Oil on Canvas, 24x36, Framed, $550

47. "Five Male Figures" Oil on Canvas 24x36, Framed, $550

48. "Margaret with Sea-foam Shoes" Oil on Canvas 19x27, Framed, $250

49. "Two Nudes" Collage under Glass 22x28, Framed, $250

50. "Seated Nude" Collage under Glass 22x28, Framed, $250

51. "Inquisitor #3" Oil on Canvas 24x40.5, Framed, $800

52. "Mermaid of the Susquehanna" Oil on Canvas 29x35, Framed, $550

53. "Flamenco" Oil on Canvas 48x36, Framed, $1200

54. "Herakles" Oil on Panel 25x31, Framed, $450

55. "Ladies of the Labyrinth" Oil on Canvas (Three Panel Series) 26.5x43 each, All: 43x80, Framed, $1800




56. "Medieval Lady" Oil o Panel 15.5x20, Framed, $350

57. "Ravago" Oil on Panel 22x26.5, Framed, $350

58. "Guinivere and the Two Queens" Oil on Canvas 39x51.5, Framed, $950

59. ""The Young Bissett" Oil on Canvas 39x51, Framed, $750

60. "Portrait of Paul" Oil on Canvas 30x40, Framed, $550

61. "Horseshoe Crab" Oil on Canvas 36x48, Framed, $1800

62. "Three Fallen Madonnas" Oil on Canvas 39x45, Framed, $1000

63. "The Two Poets" Oil on Canvas 36x40, Framed, $800

64. "Romany" Oil on Canvas 39x51.5, Framed, $900

65. "The Purple Sari" Oil on Canvas, 32x42, Framed, $750

66. "Inquisitor #2" Oil on Canvas 27x39, Framed, $750

67. "Three Male Figures" Oil on Canvas 24x36, Framed, $550

68. "Five Male Nudes on Red" Oil on Canvas 30x40 Framed, SOLD

69. "B-Ball" Oil on Canvas 30x40, Framed, $750

70. "Frank C" Oil on Canvas 33x51, Framed, $750

71. "Red Dress" Oil on Canvas 36x48, Framed, $800

72. "Rabbit Skin Coat" Oil on Canvas 30x36, Framed, $650

73. "Chester on a Dragon Robe" Oil on Canvas 37x40.5, Framed, $550

74. "Male Figure" Oil on Canvas 31x40, Framed, $550

75. "Four Male Figures with Orange Cloth" Oil on Canvas 30x40, Framed, $750

76. "Harry Quintupled" Oil on Canvas 37x51, Framed, $900

77. "Man on Red Cloth" Oil on Canvas 36x48, Framed, $800

78. "Yeti" Oil on Canvas 37x50.5 Framed, $900

79."Woman on Blue Chair" Oil on Canvas 36x48, Framed, $850

80. "Hippolyta's Sisters" Oil on Canvas 51x51, Framed, $1500

81. "Green Tomatoes on Black Velvet" Oil on Canvas 16x16, Framed, $150

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